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Have you started using Vingo yet? It is the most advanced Online running app that has ever hit the App Store. Filled with tons of cool features, this app will change the way you exercise forever. You will no longer be bored of your treadmill time anymore, so dust that old thing off and get ready for an adventure. When it comes to cool features, benefits and advantages for the user, there is no comparison for this app.

Multi-faceted App for All Exercises

The Vingo App, is a virtual reality paradise for all the introverted fitness buffs out there. Some introverts even call it a boon, since they no longer have to go to a jam-packed gym and interact awkwardly with strangers. But, what if I’m an extrovert, you ask? You have a special feature in the app called voice chat. With it you can socialise with complete strangers, safely.

The virtual reality part is filled with the app’s in-built 3D maps. Once you install it in your phone you can access all of them and literally run into the virtual world. Just connect your phone with your treadmill and watch the magic unfold on your screen. You can notice the scenery change as you run on your stationary treadmill. This virtual experience is why they call it Indoor running.

Track Your Progress without Errors

On the app, you can track your movements, your progress and a lot more of your vitals, seamlessly. It accurately monitors your movements using its ANT+ sensors. This allows it to track your speed on the mill, your resistance settings and even your inclination settings too.

You can also set your target goals on the app. This way you can make progress towards your fitness goals fast.

This Helps You to Join in Large Communities

The next best thing about Vingo is that you can socialise within it. There are a lot of extroverts like you who have created communities within the app. There are communities for Online running, for jogging and even a group for regular walkers. These people come together everyday and work-out in the virtual world, no matter where they might be in the real world.

Connect with Friends in the World of Vingo

To make the best use of the app, you can use it with your friends and family. This way you can get them all fit. The picturesque maps combined with a realistic feel will motivate anyone to go for a run every day.

If you feel like you want to find new friends, use voice chat to talk to people who run alongside you. Befriend them and team up for better performance on both your part.

Get a Free Account for a Year

You can also use Vingo as a bike exercise app. Instead of a treadmill, you need to connect it with your training bike. Also, the app is in beta mode for all this year, so you can create your own account for free. Enjoy all its premium features and get fit the fun way.

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